Philippine Outsourcing Case Study with
Dean Soto

"I couldn't believe ReplaceMyself. I know the trainings aren't for me, but I was going through them and learning tons of stuff, and then it was like, "here you go, you guys do this stuff"!, and I didn't have to do it!"

Dean Soto

Dean has a full-time job in the Aerospace industry.

At the same time he is running a 6-figure side business by outsourcing all the work.

What's he doing?

  • Web development/design
  • Local Business Marketing

In this case study there are so many things to learn about using a Filipino VA for doing either one of those businesses.

One MAJOR question this case-study answers is:

"Can Filipino's do client facing work?"

The answer is YES!

Here's a summary of the case study:

  • 2:15 - they build wordpress websites for companies
  • 3:30 - time spent and what he does as a "web development" company
  • 5:00 - what they charge people to do websites
  • 6:33 - how many people he has working for him in the Philippines
  • 6:55 - how much he pays people
  • 7:40 - paying bonuses to his Filipino employees
  • 8:25 - NEVER tell other people your Filipino employee's name
  • 9:00 - Can Filipino's do client facing work?
  • 9:50 - What his Filipino workers are doing in his business
  • 10:30 - His VA creates training videos for him for his customers
  • 11:20 - Hiring a technical person and teaching them technical things
  • 13:22 - What skills to look for when hiring a technical person
  • 14:00 - Hiring for Wordpress skills and for English skills
  • 15:40 - Dean's hiring process - mostly in writing
  • 16:12 - Posting a job on
  • 17:00 - How to tell how good their english is!!!
  • 18:00 - Skills to look for: PHP, Mysql, AJAX
  • 20:00 - Using Google Apps to give them emails from your company
  • 21:30 - He uses Basecamp to manage projects because his customers find it easiest
  • 23:00 - Doing what you're good at THEN building niche sites
  • 24:30 - Building a team with what you're good at
  • 25:25 - Being the CEO of your business
  • 26:00 - Last words: Use
  • 27:00 - Your VA's will become your friends.

You can find Dean's podcast on Small Business Ideas and Tips on iTunes.

If you have an Outsourcing Success Story, Please share it!. I want to hear about your success (and I’ll probably give you some free advice if you do).

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