Philippines Outsourcing Case Study:
Hiring Checklist and Do It Your Way

In this case study Tim lays out his hiring process really well.

It's not the same way I do it, but it works for him.

Everyone is different. Figure out what works for you and stick with it.

Summary of Success Story with Tim Fahndrich

  • 0:52 - His business is web design, social media marketing, local search optimization, and reputation management
  • 1:20 - 3 Filipinos working in their business
  • 1:58 - Tim's interview process
    • 2:28 - Contact via skype
    • 3:14 - Tests their english
    • 3:38 - Good internet connection
    • 4:05 - Expects proper and consistent reporting
    • 4:25 - Willingness to be on skype during working hours <-- This is important. Everyone is different. Find what works for you!
    • 6:15 - Willingness to learn and share ideas
  • 7:15 - Part-time vs Full-time <-- LISTEN TO THIS!
  • 8:54 - How Tim trains his Filipino VA's
  • 9:30 - Using GoToMeeting, Jing, and recorded videos with Camtasia
  • Skills Tim looks for (english, wordpress, linkbuilding, video editing, directory submission, graphic design)
  • Tim likes to have some things done in the USA, not in the Philippines
  • Different personalities do things differently. Figure out what works for you.
  • Figure out what you really want to get done before you hire.
  • Daily communication! So important
  • Have realistic expectations

If you have an Outsourcing Success Story, Please share it!. I want to hear about your success (and I’ll probably give you some free advice if you do).

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