Outsourcing Case Study:
Eric Genesoto

Eric came to our seminar in the Philippines and went out and applied what he learned.

Here's a snippet of an email he sent me one day:


In any case- just a reminder that you have changed my life, an I owe you big time for that. If there's ANYTHING I can ever do for you, just ask and consider it done. (no joke) I tell everyone who is doing everything themselves to get your training and hire someone in the Philippines NOW.

Jason has been with me for a year this month, and he runs my ENTIRE business. Best thing I ever did. (Though it's a little scary just depending on one person- need to hire another!)

Anyway, thanks so much for all you do- you may (or may not) realize it, but you are literally changing lives (on both sides of the Pacific).

See ya!


So I asked him to get on a phone call with me and talk about his success.

Sorry about the low video quality...this is the first and last time I record skype video with Pamela.

Here's a summary of what's in the interview:

  • 1:40 - Eric’s business model ( Business Marketing).
  • 2:15 - He got started trading services
  • 4:30 - What he’s doing for his clients (SEO, Video marketing, Article marketing, “everything”)
  • 5:20 - Work is structured around Filipino workers
  • 5:40 - What his GUYS in the Philippines are doing for him
  • 6:45 - Why he doesn’t do “social media” for people. (<-- this is GOOD)
  • 7:30 - How he does things differently than I do. He doesn’t do it once himself.
  • 9:50 - Why his GUYS don’t do customer service for him
  • 10:48 - Eric’s hiring process - how he hired someone. Different things work differently for different people.
  • 11:37 - Eric’s criteria for hiring (this was a SHOCK to me)
  • 13:44 - What to do with someone who’s english isn’t PERFECT.
  • 14:58 - Tips for hiring from Eric
  • 17:35 - BIGGEST tip
  • 20:25 - How much money he’s making
  • 21:30 - What kind of people he hired. Teaching Filipinos to do things.

Here's where you can find Genesoto blog.

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