Outsourcing Case Study:
Lisa Schwartz

So often I have people ask me questions that I don't have answers to:

  • "What kind of person do I hire first?"
  • "How long does it take them to get up to speed?"
  • "What do I have them do for me?"

The other day I got an email from Lisa Schwartz that hinted towards her having a great experience that answers these questions.

I got on skype with her and recorded the call.

Here are the answers to the questions above:

  • "How long does it take someone to get up to speed?"
  • She has been at this for 6 weeks and has had 6 sites built in that time. She expects to be building 2-3 sites per day within the next few weeks
  • "What kind of person do I hire first?"
    • She hired a "blog builder." Someone to get everything up and running.
    • Then she hired an "SEO" person. Someone to promote the blogs (your blog builder could do this themselves)
    • Then she got a "VA." Someone to do everything else that's required.
  • "What do I have them do for me?"
    • Build Blogs
    • Research
    • SEO
    • Video marketing
    • Article marketing
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Social Networking
    • Phone calls
    • Reporting/Tracking
    • ...

Then, notice some other general business items she talks about:

  • She understands her business model very well. Please think about this for yourself. If you don't understand your business model VERY well, go back and learn more before continuing.
  • She is working on just one thing. She's doing it very well. She's not chasing bright shiny objects (the latest and greatest launch)
  • She synthesized all the info from all the things she's learned and is using it all in this business. Remember, you're running a BUSINESS here. There will be set-backs. Work through them!

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